Punched strip and insert moulding technology in one!
Conveyor belt insert moulding of punched parts

  • IfK automates punched strip insert moulding for complex metal and plastic composite parts.
  • Punched strip insert moulding systems combine complex processes of punched strip forming and plastic insert moulding all the way to quality checks, labelling and packaging.
  • Everything fully automatically despite the process units having cycles of different lengths.

A highly automated punched strip insert moulding system for metal and plastic composite parts


  • No rigidly connected process units -> Greater stability of the production process
  • Process unit cycles can be of different lengths
  • Capacity of several million units a year
  • Very high levels of precision
  • Product quality monitored by special quality checks
  • Automatic deselection of bad parts
  • Outstanding cost/benefits efficiency
  • Flexible modular structure makes multiple add-on stages possible (e.g. checks on finished parts, labelling, packaging etc.)

Examples of processes that can be linked

  • Unwinding punched strips
  • Bending plug contacts, with optical checking
  • Insert moulding on the strip with checking of the process quality and marking of bad parts
  • Separating out insert moulded contacts from the strip (separating station)
  • Electrical testing
  • Optical checking of finished parts
  • Assembling components
  • Labelling
  • Packaging
  • Spooling